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A global thought leader and technical solution provider, Consensys Health addresses the complex needs of healthcare and life sciences by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain platform, ConsenSys products, and other leading-edge technologies.

ConsenSys Health is revolutionizing the industry with:

Innovation-centric advisory services

ConsenSys Health offers comprehensive consulting support to help our partners tackle today's most pressing challenges in a nuanced and evolving industry.

Highly-specialized technical services

Domain experts and software engineers at ConsenSys Health focus on the modernization of healthcare using Web 3.0 technical services--moving faster and with more efficiency than ever before.

Expert utilization of ConsenSys products.

With access to the platforms, applications and tools in the Ethereum ecosystem, ConsenSys Health is leading the way to an open, collaborative environment dedicated to finding solutions in the healthcare sector.

Blockchain in Healthcare and Life Sciences

What Exactly is Blockchain?

Originally conceived as the underlying protocol of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has since evolved to support a number of applications with the introduction of “smart contracts” in Ethereum. It offers a number of improvements over traditional centralized computing and databases for certain applications. For the first time, blockchain technologies offer the following digital capabilities: immutability, decentralization, cryptographic security and self-executing smart contract code.

Why Ethereum?

“Think of Ethereum as a world computer. What Bitcoin does for payments, Ethereum does for anything that can be programmed.”

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Inventor
  • Formally specified security and smart contract capabilities.
  • Public – private blockchains compatibility.
  • Rapidly growing community encompassing 30,000+ developers..
  • Multi-billion dollars of value protected on the public network.
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is growing faster than all other blockchain consortia
  • The dominant platform for the 'token ecosystem’

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The first step in exploring this opportunity is an easy conversation. What challenges does your team face? ConsenSys Health can help you apply the technological tools to optimize your solutions and go further than ever before.

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ConsenSys Health is proud to be a Founding Member of Blockchain in Healthcare Global ("BiHG"), a program of IEEE-ISTO.