Blockchain and Healthcare

The next generation of connected technologies, lead by the blockchain revolution, promises industry-changing disruptions throughout the healthcare sectors.

ConsenSys Health offers more secure ways to engage with data, more sophisticated ways to derive value from patient experiences, and more interconnected methods of collaboration by leveraging the intersection of these two essential pillars of our future: blockchain technology and modern medicine

What Exactly is Blockchain?

Originally conceived as the underlying protocol of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has since evolved to support a number of applications with the introduction of “smart contracts” in Ethereum. It offers a number of improvements over traditional centralized computing and databases for certain applications. For the first time, blockchain technologies offer the following digital capabilities: immutability, decentralization, cryptographic security and self-executing smart contract code.

Why Ethereum?

“Think of Ethereum as a world computer. What Bitcoin does for payments, Ethereum does for anything that can be programmed.”

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Inventor
  • Formally specified security and smart contract capabilities.
  • Vendor-neutral
  • Public – private blockchains compatibility.
  • Private, permissioned blockchains for enterprise and government use cases.
  • Rapidly growing community encompassing 30,000+ developers..
  • Multi-billion dollars of value protected on the public network.
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is growing faster than all other blockchain consortia
  • The dominant platform for the 'token ecosystem’

How Do We Get Started?

The first step in exploring this opportunity is an easy conversation. What challenges does your team face? ConsenSys Health can help you apply the technological tools to optimize your solutions and go further than ever before.

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Consensys and the future of health

ConsenSys Health offers access to the ConsenSys Stack of software products. These modular, interoperable tools represent the core infrastructure of the Ethereum platform, and can facilitate new data interactions, secure computation, decentralized operations and more. By working directly with the engineering teams who built and maintain these tools, ConsenSys Health partners have access to the deepest technical expertise and most current innovation in the ecosystem. As a full-stack blockchain company, ConsenSys develops core Ethereum infrastructure and foundational tools to foster broader ecosystem growth.